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Dogs and Cats will love the stay!

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Drop-off & Pick up     

Our Daily rate begins the day you Check-in

Check out between 10:00am and 6:00pm is automatic extra days charge applied to your bill.  Check out between 8:00 am to 10:00 am and you do not pay for that day!

No pick ups or drop off from 12 pm-2 pm
Why? We have nap time for our animals from 12-2 pm every day. This gives a chance for our staff to do required errands, take a break, do extra cleaning, or eat lunch, plus gives your pet a chance to have some downtime and rest.

Rates for Dog Accommodations     

The Lodge located behind the Buffalo High-school  at 2667 Dague Ave NE, Buffalo, MN 55313

The Ranch located east of Buffalo and west of Rockford at 4375 State Highway 55 SE, Buffalo, MN 55313

The Lodge 

Located at 2667 Dague Ave NE, Buffalo, MN 55313 

  • No kennel runs here! All sleeping rooms are private rooms!
  • 8 glorious acres with rabbits, deer, birds and sunshine!
  • One dog $39.00 per night
  • Two dogs, same family in same suite, $68.00 per night for both dogs
  • Three dogs same family in same suite, $97.00 per night for all three……for 3 or more dogs we have our family suite at the Lodge, which is a large 10 x 12 foot suite!

The Ranch

Located at 4375 State Highway 55 SE, Buffalo, MN 55313


  • Ranch is located on 10 beautiful acres with lots of rabbits, ducks, pheasants and small wildlife. Lots of fresh air for your furry pals to enjoy and lots of room to run!
  • Rooms here are semi-private and for dogs only!!!
    • Prices starting at one dog $39.00 per night
    • Two dogs same room $68.00 per night
    • Three dogs same room $97.00 per night
  • Ranch Location only, We have 4 VIP rooms available for boarders!! 2 Extra Large Suites with one wall of extra large windows, let the sun shine in, and 2 Smaller VIP Suites with window views. These rooms are ideal for pets who need a bit more attention, such as seniors, any pets with special medical needs or those pets who are truly needing extra VIP attention!
  • The Extra Large Suites are suitable for dogs, cats or both!!!
    • One dog $55.00 per night , One cat $40.00 per night
    • Two dogs $85 per night , Two cats $60.00 per night
    • Three dogs $115 per night , Three cats $80.00 per night
  • VIP Small Suites
  • One dog, $45.00 per night, One cat $35.00 per night
  • Two dogs $75.00 per night, Two cats $50.00 per night
  • Three dogs $105.00 per night, Three cats $65.00 per night

At your request, we have rooms in both locations that can accommodate the same family dogs and cats in the same quarters. All rooms in both locations have premium Kuranda beds for your dogs comfort! You can bring your dogs favorite blanket and bed, or we can supply one. If your dog has special needs, such as shots or medications, or behaviors, let us know. We can accommodate almost anything!

Don’t forget to book your grooming or manicures with Marilyn! *Extra charges apply for grooming services. Please ask for availability when making your boarding appointment!

Rates for Cats and Small Critters 

We have our spacious cat condos, or the large deluxe glass small animal, window view Atrium at the Lodge location only, with multiple window seats for your cat to sunbath, watch the birds at the window bird feeder, or just lounge in the sun!
For those cats that are afraid of dogs, know the cattery, or small critter room is housed away from the dog suites! The atrium doubles as a great place for cats, small dogs and other critters. *Dog rates apply if atrium is used for small dogs.

Cat Condo Rates First cat $20.00 per night, second cat same family $18.00 per night at both locations!

Cat Atrium Rates First cat $30.00 per night, second cat same family $18.00 per night at the Lodge only!

Doggy Daycare – Everyday play!

Doggy Daycare 1/2 day rates! You ask and we listened!

The Lodge: Drop off in the mornings starting at 6:30 am to Noon and pick up in afternoon from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The Ranch: Drop off in the morning starting at 6:00am to Noon and pick up in afternoon from 2:00pm-6:00pm

  • Monday through Friday full day weekday rates: $23.00 per dog per day (over 4 hours)
  • Monday through Friday 1/2 day rates: $15.00 per dog per day (Under 4 hours)
  • Saturday and Sunday full day rates: $28.00 per dog per day (Over 4 hours)
  • Saturday and Sunday 1/2 day rates: $18.00 per dog per day (Under 4 hours)
  • or buy a 5 day package for $100.00, and your dog can enjoy discounted weekends with rates that stay at $20 per dog per day!

Why do doggy Daycare?

  • Great way for socializing and tiring young active pups!
  • Daycare for puppies creates well rounded adults and allows for healthy opportunities to socialize with other pets of various sizes, colors, ages, and new people which is so important to a dogs mental well-being. Good socialization generally helps prevent anti-social behavior, increasing their confidence in the world and mellows their temperament.
  • Daycare offers a safe and constructive place for your dog to have fun burning off energy, running and playing while you are at work or shopping.
  • Fat dog? While doggy napping is allowed at daycare, most choose to play the day away with their pals!
  • Your pet will be surrounded by staff who are passionate about animals, and will arrange constructive games, bring toys, and plan activities for the animals to make the most of their time at the Inn. Weather depending we might go outside for play, or stay indoors.
  • Being in doggy daycare a few times a week will keep your pup mentally stimulated, physically active; meaning he will be less likely to get into destructive problems at home.
  • Your pup will also be exhausted by the time he is picked up, meaning you will get a free, no walk required night!
  • You get peace of mind knowing that the dog is receiving care, without worrying about him digging through the trash,  barking all day or night, or looking for an escape route.
  • The down side is your pet may not want to leave Ruffin’ Inn at the end of the day when you come to pick him or her up!

If your pet has special needs, such as shots or medications, or behaviors, let us know. We can accommodate almost anything! We also welcome other family pets for boarding, such as rabbits, and even the smallest of fur family members.

Pet Lodge Amenities & Accommodations  

  • Complete climate controlled environment air conditioned in the summer with large indoor play area! Let it rain!!
  • Kennel-free dog suites, tour and see where your pet will sleep before you board!
  • 24/7 Camera security monitoring
  • Professional security monitoring 24/7 for your pets safety by Wright Hennepin Security
  • Indoor and outdoor play several times a day (weather dependent)
  • Raised Kuranda bed for comfy rest time, blanket and beds if requested
  • Gentle Music
  • We do recommend bringing your dogs regular food from home to avoid and upset stomach.
  • We can provide a high quality non-grain dog food, Nutri-Source, at an extra charge at your request at a cost of $2.00 per meal per pet, or you can save hauling food by purchasing a bag of dog food when you drop off your pet.
  • We sell made in Minnesota, high quality NutriSource dog and Taste of the Wild dog food products! Stop by for free samples of Nutri-Source and Taste of the Wild Dog food, or grab a freebie when you come for a tour! Join the frequent buyer program-Buy 12 bags of Nutri-Source dog food and get the 13th bag free!
  • Special diets or daily medications will be given per your instructions, at no additional cost.
  • Loving attention and play, while you are away!
  • We do not discriminate and welcome all breeds of dogs.
  • We support animal rescues and will give reduced pricing ($15.00 per night for homeless dogs, $10.00 per night for homeless cats!) to cats and dogs who are in rescues or foster care! Call for more details!

If you need a special time for drop off or pick up please give us a call as we would be happy to accommodate you! Call 763-682-4247 to set up your stay at the Ruffin’ Inn Pet Lodge and Ranch or use our new easy online booking tool! We highly recommend you come for a tour first, before you book your pets stay at ours or any boarding facility! Make sure you see the entire facility your pet will be staying at, and if you are not able to see the entire building, including the sleeping areas, don’t leave your pet!

* Prices subject to change without notice

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