Boarding options for dogs, cats, and small animals. Book through our online portal to reserve a reservation now.

Ruffin’ Inn Pet Lodge is a family owned and operated pet boarding facility offering a safe and fun place for your beloved fur pals, to stay when you are away………a home away from home. No kennel runs here, we offer private suites for all our guests with premium Kuranda beds in each and every room for their comfort.

Boarding check-in is allowed during all hours of operation and check-out cut off time is 10:00 AM every day else an additional boarding night will be included within stay.

Doors locked from 12-2pm every day!!! This is Nap time for our guests!!! Please Do not Disturb! We do not offer pick ups or drop off from 12 pm-2 pm. Why? This gives a chance for our staff to do required errands, take a break, do extra cleaning, or eat lunch, plus gives your pet a chance to have some lunch or a much needed downtime and rest.

Dog boarding rooms are fully enclosed rooms (kennel free).

All dogs are provided a raised karunda bed with their own supplies (blankets, toys, treats).

Cats will love hanging out in the the deluxe cat atrium, with window perch to watch the world go by. The bird feeder right outside the window will entertain them for hours!

Playtime and special attention is part of our guests daily routine! We have both a large indoor and outdoor group play areas.

No matter the weather, active playtime is part of our daily routine and possible in our large indoor play area! Weather permitting we will have playtime outdoors in our fenced in yards. Know that playtime is included for each and every pet, either in groups, pairs, or by themselves with one of the caretakers! We do understand, some pets do not play well with others or some just want to be petted with human companionship. We will accommodate these special guest with their own special one on one time! Just let us know your pets preference!

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Cats love the Atrium!


Private Suites!

Room fit for a king!

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