How to Book

The following outlines what you need to get started!

1.) Create a profile on our booking portal by entering our booking portal here and creating a new account.

Note the more that you can access and book on the portal the quicker it will be for you to book future reservations and receive confirmation.

or if on mobile download the app:
apple download
android download

Use Invite Code: 148300

2.) Once your profile is created and all pet and personal information is entered – request the dates and services. If the occupancy is such that we are all booked to lodgings it will provide a warning.

3.) If necessary a 15% deposit will be requested and this is to ensure the booking is serious as we use the reservation to plan staffing, etc. If reservations are cancelled within the 2 weeks of the stay, the deposit is refunded entirely.

3.) You will receive email confirmation back on the reservation acceptance as well once this is reviewed and assigned to lodging.

4.) If necessary you can either upload immunizations to your profile and/or bring in your copy of the vet records at check in.